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about us

We love photos and capturing all those special events as well as just the everyday moments. It is a photo that allows us to relive and remember. But thus far it has been difficult to easily share and collect those photos taken by family and friends privately.

That's how Shareaflash started. We wanted a way to easily share and collect photos in a private environment between family and friends. Whether it’s your wedding and you want to collect guest photos or simply enjoying a birthday with a few close friends, Shareaflash provides you the ability to instantly share those photos with only the people you want to see them.

Shareaflash is available for free and compatible with all mobile devices, just download it on your local AppStore or Google Play. So, take out your smart phone wherever you are, take as many photos as you like…or, simply upload photos to your albums through the shareaflash site. As soon as you add a photo to your shared album, your family and friends will instantly be able to view, comment and like them.